Consumer Portfolio Services Offers Tips on Car Financing

Consumer Portfolio Services Offers Tips on Car Financing

Having a vehicle makes life easier. A person doesn’t have to wait for others to become available to drive them around, and they can come and go as they please. However, before buying a vehicle, most people have to secure financing for the purchase. Following are some tips to help make this process easier.

Credit Scores Are Important

Before going to purchase a car, everyone needs to know their credit score. Many car dealerships provide a loan to anyone who wants one, but the interest for those with bad credit is high. Don’t assume every person who walks into the dealership gets the advertised loan rate. To qualify for zero percent interest or an incredibly low rate like that, the person must have a credit score of 750 or higher, in most case. In fact, individuals with a credit score just 100 points lower could end up paying ten percent or more. For this reason, it may be best to hold off a few months and improve the credit score or shop around to find the best deal.

Choose the Shortest Term Possible

Although it is nice to spread an auto loan out over many years to keep the monthly payment low, it’s not wise to do so financially. The longer the payments are spread out, the more the person pays in interest. Keep this in mind and select a car with a low monthly rate that can be paid off in the shortest time possible. In addition, try to have a good down payment before shopping, as this will help to lower the monthly payment also. The smartest thing to do is to have at least twenty percent of the purchase price as a down payment and choose a car that keeps the monthly payment very low. This helps to offset the cost of insurance and other vehicle related expenses.

Visit Consumer Portfolio Services to obtain more tips on financing a car. People can get a great car for a reasonable price simply by taking some basic steps before shopping. On this site, consumers find a wealth of information related to vehicle financing, how to go about getting a vehicle history report and more. Every person thinking of buying a car should make this their first stop.

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